BlisterGear Review Origin96

The Origin 96’s big brother, the Origin 116, has racked up multiple awards over the past two years from the likes of Skiing Magazine, Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, and Backcountry Magazine. 
_MG_8966 (1)
Greta Muxworthy cruising on the new Origin96 | Ph: Tim Dyer

For the 2016-2017 line we’ve engineered the genetics of the Origin 116 into the all new Origin 96 and added carbon fiber for additional snap, pop, and to keep the ski quiet throughout the rockered tip and tail. It’s quicker from edge to edge and better equipped for carving turns on groomers and front-side terrain.  The ’96 has generous camber underfoot for insane rebound from turn to turn, and race ski edge grip on the firm stuff.  What hasn’t changed are the energy and liveliness of Liberty’s bamboo and carbon fiber construction.  The Origin 96 is so special because of its phenomenal hard snow performance as well as great flotation in deeper snow, all from a ski that is mid-90s underfoot.  It’s truly a go anywhere, anytime ski.

IMG_9815 (2)
Anton Sponar testing out the Origin96 | Ph: Riley Soderquist

Of course, don’t just take our word on it. We’ve been blessed with great independent reviews, including Blister Gear Review.  Jonathan Ellsworth, founder and reviewer of Blister had this to say about the Origin 96:

FullSizeRender (3)
Tanner Gordon smashing pillows on the Origin96 

“I’ve got 5 days now on the Liberty Origin96, and if I had to give a two-word summary review, it would probably be, “Holy S@#$.”  I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever skied anything quite like this.”

Jonathan Ellsworth on the Liberty Origin96, Taos, NM.

Jonathan Ellsworth finding the goods on the new Origin96

“Liberty calls the Origin96 “a new all-mountain standard.” That’s a big, ballsy claim for sure, but I can say that I haven’t skied anything that feels terribly similar. Five days in, and it feels like I can make this ski do anything I want it to.”

Jonathan Ellsworth on the Liberty Origin96, Taos, NM

Check out the full review here:


Keep your eye out for the various buyers guides from Powder, Ski, Skiing, Backcountry, Freeskier, and Mountain Magazines.  We have a sneaking suspicion that this ski will rack up awards for 2016-2017.

Also, the ski is available in limited quantities on our website, but stock is going very fast. Stores will be stocking this new model in September.

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