Season 2 Episode 1 – Alberta 2015

Our plan was to head to Calgary, Alberta in late November and spend a couple weeks shooting urban rails. Calgary is known for its early season snow and cold temperatures. However, mother nature had a different idea for this November. Temperatures were warm and there was not a trace of snow. We were left with no other option than to keep waiting. Constantly watching the weather we began to lose our minds as the 14 day trend showed nothing but sun and warm temperatures.

In early December, Calgary finally received enough snow to get the trip started. We packed our bags and headed for the land of oil and high unemployment. We set up shop at Zak Mousseau and Cam Duncan’s house. Located across the street from University of Calgary, the house never seemed to quiet down.

Tanner 2
Tanner Gordon in Edmonton

Tanner Gordon, Zak Mousseau, Max Moffatt, and Cam Duncan spent the first couple days exploring the streets of Calgary. They were able to scrape together the leftover snow from the previous storm to hit as many spots as possible. After a few days, the warm weather returned and melted the small trace of snow that was left on the ground. With limited options, the crew made small trips out to Canmore in hopes of more snow and new street rails. Luckily, the small town nestled in the mountains had enough snow to continue the trip.

Max Moffatt Urban
Max Moffatt in Banff

After several successful days in Canmore, the team decided to pack up and head North to Edmonton. Edmonton welcomed the team with warm weather and just the right amount of snow. After a couple productive days and some fun nighttime rope tow laps, they headed back home to Calgary.

Max and Tanner were still eager to ski and headed to the Canadian Rockies to test out Sunshine Village Resort. The mountain had just opened the full terrain park and the guys took full advantage of the perfectly maintained features. We ended the trip by skiing at Winsport with Max Moffatt and Brendan Mackay. Make sure to check out the full video recap below.

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