Why Colorado? We Product Test All Year Long On Real Conditions

Trail Head At Skyscraper Glacier, Rollins Pass Colorado |Ph: Dustin Satloff |

Yes, you can ski during the summer in a lot of states, but Colorado is our backyard and destination of choice. With easy access to high alpine terrain, we are able to go to work and go on an adventure all in the same day. Sure, we are able to test product in the deep winter months, however summer skiing allows us to ski in places that are unreachable in the winter. We are able to test our skis in real conditions, snow that isn’t groomed perfectly, with a wide variety of different levels of skiers (whoever is ready to hike on a weekend). From our findings and experiences, we adapt our construction, because after all, we make skis like our lives depend on it… literally. After a long day of hiking, skiing, and laughing with friends, a celebratory beer only makes the experience of Colorado even better. We use some of our top athletes for assistance in testing product, for example Doug the Skier (@dougtheskier) who hasn’t missed a month of skiing in years. We are proud to be from Colorado and if you’re in the high alpine nearby, you are bound to run into the Liberty crew.



Tim DyerLiberty Skis Skyscraper Glacier Rollins Pass, CO July 20, 2017
Tim Dyer testing the new Origin90 at Skyscraper Glacier |Ph: Dustin Satloff|

Below is a small excerpt of how our athlete, Doug Evans, feels about summer skiing.

I began my summer skiing adventures at the age of 19, when a friend encouraged me to try to ski every month of the year. My early adventures took me to tiny snow patches that I’d spotted from local 4­-wheel drive trails. These patches would usually offer up no more than a few hundred feet of runnelled and sun-cupped low­angle slush. I also ventured to some more popular summer skiing spots such as St. Mary’s Glacier, which would hardly qualify as a dirt covered ice cube, let alone a glacier. I knew I could do better than that. As the years went on, I learned where to look to find long­lasting snow patches that held several hundred to several thousand feet of good skiing late into the summer.

Doug Evans summer skiing in Colorado

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