Asulkan Hut


Last November, Liberty Skis athletes, Jay Starnino and Jake Ondrick, headed out to Revelstoke, British Columbia. The goal was to spend a few days exploring the Asulkan Valley in Rogers Pass, setting up base at the Asulkan Cabin in Glacier National Park. The cabin was surrounded by infinite amounts of accessible skiing; Seven Steps of Paradise, Asulkan Pass, Sapphire Col, and the Dome Glacier that could all be reached as day trips from the hut.

DSC_1994 (1)

“Early season has a special energy to it. With high hopes but little expectations, we wait for weather to let us make our first moves. For me, a trip like this is to get my feet back under me. It’s a perfect way to warm up the legs while the rest of the world waits for the lifts to start running.” – Jay Starnino

DSC_2393 (2)

The trip started with a 3-hour approach to the cabin, 850m above the trail head. Backpacks were filled with food, extra clothes, sleeping supplies, and a healthy amount of Fireball. Step after step, the boys watched as the snowpack began to multiply. The mountains in the near distance were covered in a deep, early season snow.





The cabin nestled at the bottom of the glacier would be the team’s safe haven; a place to stay warm on cold nights and dry out wet gear. It would be their place to dream about the endless opportunities of the surrounding mountains.

“The cabin is a place to get away from day-to-day life… Away from the noise, stress, and responsibilities we have, and escape into the immense process that is navigating this backcountry.” – Jay Starnino


Secluded in the backcountry, the team set up base.  The only thing left to do was to spend the next three days skiing untracked, early season snow.

The full video from our trip will be released November 14th. In the meantime check out the teaser below!



One thought on “Asulkan Hut

  1. I had a couple really going in the lift queue (Thredbo, Australia)…They,”What a great set of poles you’ve got”. Me,”Thanks, made them myself from bamboo”. “Really, that’s amazing, they’re so cool”. “Yeah, they’re super strong, rigid and extremely flexible when you need it; oh yeah and super sexy”. “Wow, that’s unbelievable”. I just couldn’t take the tease any longer. “No, just playing with you, they’re Liberty Ski Poles, the best I’ve ever had”. Thanks and cheers, Richard

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